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In Cubs they will get their first taste of camping and usually go away for weekends two or more times each year.

They also have the opportunity to do skill badges based on their interests, skills and hobbies. All of the badge scheme is laid out in the Cub Scout hand book called “KUBUK” which they will get when they join the Cub Pack.

The programme is broken into three arrow stages and they will complete one stage each year they are in Cubs.

Cubs work in groups called Sixes and an older Cub is appointed Sixer and takes responsibilities for some of the tasks with the younger Cubs. The Sixer is assisted by another older Cub called a Seconder. This gives Cubs who become Sixers or Seconders the opportunity to develop leadership skills.


Cubs take on a mimimum of two, sometimes three or four camps per year. Some of ou trips have included

  • Northern Ireland Scout Centre - Crawfordsburn
  • St. Cybi Scout Centre - Wales
  • Alton Towers
  • Larch Hill
  • Lough Dan
  • Ovoca Manor
  • Cuboree (Jamboree for Cubs)

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